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When it comes to written translation, you want the best. No matter your message, we translate with accuracy.

Written Translation

Spanish – English | Any additional languages on request

Written translation is the foundation of what we do at Tilde Language Services. Our translation process is focused on a commitment to gaining a thorough understanding of the source file and conveying the meaning as accurately as possible in the target language. Our translators are backed by years of experience, a native- or professional-level mastery of both languages, and academic training in the practice of translation.

Some of Our Most Recent Projects




Articles of incorporation


Court rulings




Annual reports

Financial statements

Marketing materials


Corporate communications

Press releases

Official Documents

Birth certificates

Academic transcripts

Marriage certificates


Adoption records

Will and testaments

Translated with Quality & Accuracy

Translation is rarely as simple as dropping words into a machine and retrieving the final product; words and language are nuanced and constantly evolving, and translation involves transferring not only the words but the culture, idioms, and message itself to another language. Most translators specialize in only a handful of fields so that they can hone their skills in producing professional written communication in their chosen industry.

A written translation should read as if it were originally written in the target language; it shouldn’t come across as stilted or unnatural. The more information you can provide about what your translation will be used for, the better our translators will be able to convey the message just right for your target audience.

Our Process

1. Quote

2. Translation

3. Review

4. Validation

5. Delivery

Certified Translations

Some translations require special care; every project is unique and important, but depending on the purpose of your translation it may need to be certified or accompanied by additional documentation. We recommend that certified translations be performed by an ATA-certified translator for the language pair in question. Tilde Language Services works with translators who are specialized in their language pairs and can provide certified translations, statements of accuracy, and notarized affidavits upon request. Each certified translation undergoes a special editing step to ensure quality and accuracy before delivery.

Certified Translations

Notarized Affidavits

Enhanced with Translation Technology

Translation technology doesn’t replace human translators, but rather enhances their work. At Tilde Language Services, we use assistive software to store your translations locally so that if similar documents need to be translated in the future, we’ll already have a record of the terms, phrases, and language variant we used previously. This will help to avoid confusion and maintain consistency for your target audience.

Translation Memory

a database that stores segments that have been translated previously

Termbase Management

a database with multilingual terminological entries and other information

Computer-Assisted Translation (CAT) Tools

software used to assist a human translator in the translation process

Let’s Start Your Translation Project

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