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Case Studies

See how Tilde Language Services has helped clients achieve success.

Commercial client wins contract based on translation of RFP

The Challenge

What happens when you need a large document translated at the last minute? A private American company became aware of an open RFP from South America late on a Thursday evening. Responses were due in just two weeks, and the sales team needed to begin preparing their proposal as soon as possible in order to submit the required documents in time. They scanned through the 50-page RFP but only one of the three sales team members spoke Spanish, the language in which it was written. One salesman copied the text and put it through Google Translate, hoping to get enough gist of the document’s meaning to be able to understand what the client’s requirements were. No dice; the Spanish-speaking salesman laughed at the inconsistencies and oddities of the machine-translated legal and technical language in the requirements document. This surely wouldn’t work, but if they didn’t get their hands on an English version of the RFP soon, it would be too late, and the company would miss out on a $100,000 opportunity.

The bilingual salesman offered to take the document home and begin translating it on his own time, but after just two hours of crawling through the long text and becoming frustrated with formatting issues, he calculated how long the translation would take at the rate he was working: 40 hours! He couldn’t possibly replace all his other work time with this translation, and even if he gave up every evening for a week, he wouldn’t get it done in time. It was time to call in the experts.

The Solution

The client contacted Tilde Language Services on Friday morning needing this large RFP translated by the following Tuesday. We put together a team of trusted colleagues to help translate the large file quickly and effectively, while maintaining a glossary of terms so the translation would be consistent in terminology. We shared a running commentary on troublesome terminology and questions about the text, and managed to deliver a final, formatted, complete translation with two hours to spare.

The Results

The company submitted their bid for the project, and six months later the client sent us a new letter to translate. It was the confirmation of awarding the bid to our client! “I am writing to notify you that Administrative Resolution […] has awarded the bid to your company.” We can be proud of our work when the client wins big. Congratulations!

Teacher earns higher salary after translations of academic records prove his credentials

The Challenge

A client came to Tilde Language Services to request translation of a copy of his university degrees from Barcelona, showing that he had completed his master’s degree several years prior. The client had requested a copy of the paperwork from his university months ago and followed up many times seeking the paperwork he needed. Finally, paperwork in hand, he needed an English version to submit to his employer in the U.S. As a Spanish teacher in the public school system, having a master’s degree entitled him to a higher pay grade than he was currently receiving but he needed to prove he had completed the degree. He was losing hard-earned money with every day that passed.

The Solution

Tilde’s team got right to the task of translating the client’s academic records quickly and accurately. We began with a translation step, followed by editing by a second linguist, and then validation to ensure accuracy and completion. The final translation we delivered to the client included clean formatting to match the source file and a signed certification of accuracy with the translator’s ATA certification seal.

The Results

The client’s response to our delivery was almost immediate. “I’ve waited, as you can see, a year to have these documents and I’m losing money for every day that passes. I appreciate your assistance immensely.” Another client well served!

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