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Audio and video transcriptions

Language services shouldn’t add stress to your job. No matter your message, we emphasize accuracy and flexibility.

Our Transcription Services

Transcribers convert audio or video files to written transcripts of what was said or heard, often for record-keeping, promotional, or legal purposes. Tilde Language Services transcripts can be time-stamped and formatted according to your requirements, and we offer both verbatim and media-ready transcription services, whether monolingual or multilingual. We accept files in most audio and video formats and use top-tier audio enhancement technology to make sure the final transcript is as accurate and complete as possible.

Accuracy & Bilingualism

In an age where voice-to-text technology has made sending text messages a breeze, language transcription services are still in high demand due to several challenges, including accuracy, confidentiality, and bilingualism. Hearing exactly what is said in an audio recording can be difficult when there are multiple voices, background noises, and different languages being spoken—sometimes all at once! Law enforcement transcriptions in particular require a high degree of precision and confidentiality in order to be admissible, and courts commonly require that bilingual transcripts be produced by a trained transcription expert.

Law Enforcement

Police interviews

911 phone calls

Body cam footage

Victim interviews

Research & Investigative Work

One common pitfall in transcription services is a lack of research. Transcription machines aren’t familiar with the acronyms your organization uses or the names of your employees, but Tilde Language Services transcribers put on their detective gear to make sure the translated words contain accurate references, spellings, and terminology for your HR transcript needs.

Human Resources

Training videos

Employee reviews


Town halls

Polished & Professional

When it comes to transcription projects it’s often important to put your best foot forward. Not only does Tilde Language Services ensure the accuracy of your transcribed documents, we offer media-ready transcripts that eliminate redundancies, erroneous words and phrases, and mispronunciations. When it’s critical that your transcript be smooth and polished, Tilde is your go-to for media-ready transcription services in fields such as public relations and advertising.

Public Relations

Press conferences


Earnings calls


Let’s Start Your Transcription Project

It’s simple; reach out here when you have a language services need or want to discuss your options. We’ll be happy to provide a quote and turnaround time. Let us know of any special concerns regarding confidentiality, deadlines, and language variants.