Guatemala 2017

Exciting news! I will be traveling to Tactic, Guatemala for ten days this July to participate in a short-term medical mission trip alongside other members of my church and community.

I will be unavailable for work from Thursday July 13 to Sunday July 23, 2017 and will have very limited access to email from July 13-23. Please do not call or text me during this time, as I will not have phone service. You can feel free to email me at and I will respond as soon as I am able.

More About the Trip

The main focus of our time in Guatemala will be medical care, and there are a number of medical personnel on our team as well as Spanish interpreters like me who will help to bridge the language barrier between patients and providers by offering spoken interpreting services during appointments and other encounters. At Tilde Language Services, my normal services are translation (written), editing, and transcription, but during my time at Kent State I took a 45-hour course on Spanish medical interpreting, where I learned key terminology and best practices, as well as techniques in interpreting. Since then I’ve interpreted here and there in various settings, but it will certainly be a challenge for me to exercise this difficult skill to master!

Our team of 17 individuals will be hosted by Impact Ministries, an organization that runs a clinic to provide health and dental care to children and their families in Tactic. To learn more, visit

Your prayers and positive thoughts are much appreciated as I prepare for the trip and travel to Guatemala! If you’d like to receive updates about the trip by email in the form of blog posts written by my teammates and myself, please let me know.