Social Sciences Translation

Like many other professions, sociology and psychology are fields of study that have been affected greatly by globalization. Academic papers and journal articles written in one language are often translated into another in order to reach a larger audience and expand the author’s network. If you have an article or paper written in Spanish that you plan to submit to a U.S. or U.K.-based journal, then finding a good translator who is knowledgeable about your subject area and has native fluency in English will be a key factor in its success and reception in the target audience.

I earned a Bachelor’s in Sociology in 2013, completing coursework in areas such as social problems, research methods, statistics, anthropology, minorities, social work, and subcultures. My Master’s thesis at Kent State University was a translation of a journal article from the Spanish Journal of Sociology (Revista Española de Sociología) about Robert Putnam’s defense of the concept of social capital. I keep up-to-date with current sociology news and trends in order to further my learning about the subject.

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